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Swimlabs blog

Thursday, July 06, 2017 by jennymann

SwimLabs Sandy

With the arrival of SwimLabs in Sandy, Utah in late December 2015, becoming a safer and faster swimmer just got a whole lot easier. SwimLabs Sandy, owned by Utah native Kyle Lambson and operated by former professional triathlete Heath Thurston, promises to provide a unique swimming environment for swimmers of all ages. From learn-to-swim to Olympians, and everything in between, SwimLabs Sandy is changing the current of the swim school world.

Relying on the controlled environment of warm and small constant current pools, SwimLabs Sandy employs certified adult coaches who are never more than a few feet away from clientele. This ideal setting is fortified with the latest in high-tech swimming software, which trained instructors use to provide instant feedback to swimmers of all ages. The result of this unique swim school is that SwimLabs’ students learn water safety and improved stroke techniques in less time than with traditional methods. SwimLabs Sandy’s proven progression provides both learn-to-swim and competitive clients the proper foundational mechanics to be successful at any level of the sport. Whether a learn-to-swim client wants to become safer and more comfortable in the water, or a competitive client wants to qualify for the next big meet, SwimLabs’ proven techniques, training and facility will get them there faster.

SwimLabs is a community based swim school for swimmers of every level and ability, and this local focus is what prompted owner Kyle Lambson to open his Sandy location. Kyle’s passion for swimming started in Utah at the age of four when he swam at Willow Creek Country Club, eventually progressing to the competitive level at both Cottonwood Heights Aquatics and Brighton High School. After High School Kyle stayed in his hometown and attended the University of Utah, where he received a full-ride scholarship. Now a family man with eight children, Kyle’s thirst for swimming and community is still seen through six of his eight children he has locally coached to state, sectional, and national accolades. When asked about his philosophy Kyle highlights the process of swimming, noting he “enjoys watching the development of young children all the way up to senior level swimming, from both water safety and technical perspectives.”

Aiding Kyle in his community-based approach is Head Trainer Heath Thurston who not only brings an incredible swimming background to clientele, but also fortifies SwimLabs Sandy’s local roots. Heath began his athletic career as a swimmer at the age of five, as his mom had to find a way to disperse his energy and swimming fit the bill. Following college, Heath decided to try triathlons and after making many gains in the three disciplines over numerous races he pursued it as a career in 2006. Over the next seven years, Heath competed in 10 Ironmans and 25 half Ironmans, and after being first out of the water at both the Florida Ironman in 2010 and the St. George Ironman in 2012, he became known as one of the fastest swimmers in the circuit. Now retired as a professional triathlete, Heath has taken away many lessons from his racing that affect his daily life, none more important than the lessons his two daughters Kida and Scout provide. Kida, Heath’s eldest daughter, has mild cerebral palsy, which has taught and inspired Heath to always appreciate what one’s body can do and to never give up. As SwimLabs’ Head Trainer, Heath is looking forward to sharing his love of swimming and life with clientele.

Opening in late December, SwimLabs Sandy will utilize the latest in computer software and video technology to provide immediate feedback for its students. When asked about the importance of this technology Heath beams. “The video imagery and SwimLabs’ powerful Dartfish software, the same software used by the Olympic Training Center, can be used to instantly compare clients’ strokes to one that exhibits ‘flawless’ technique.” That’s just the start though, as Kyle is quick to point out that the software is equally effective for learn-to-swim clients. “When a toddler gets in the pool and sees himself or herself on the monitors, he or she quickly internalizes what is being taught, and becomes a stronger swimmer faster.”

It is this kind of technology and pedagogical approach to swimming that makes SwimLabs Sandy unique and a must try. Come into the location and you will see warm constant current pools, a comfortable waiting area overlooking the water, retail area, and a menu of instructional programs for swimmers of every age and ability—from youngsters to adults. To start, though, book group, semi-private or private lessons by visiting SwimLabs Sandy’s website at  or calling 801-553-7172.