Business Model

We’re swimming with savvy business sense.

We believe in keeping it smart and simple. Our business model blends swim lessons and aquatic training in a welcoming environment that is easy to maintain. You’ll quickly become an integral part of your community and a favorite gathering place for kids, parents, and swimmers of all ages.

SwimLabs is trusted, proven and fun.

  1. Easy online account management. We use MindBody for client account management and as our point of sales system. Mindbody integrates directly with our web platform, allowing for easy online scheduling and account management.
  2. Simple Billing. Invoicing is done monthly with an automatic payment system.
  3. Happy swimmers. We emphasize exceptional communication from first conversations on the phone to follow-up recaps of lessons. Swimmers and/or their parents feel connected to our staff and our instructors are valued both for their expertise and their exceptional ability to create one-on-one relationships with each swimmer.

For franchise owners, SwimLabs is structured, streamlined and smart.

You’ll be part of a healthy, fun, rewarding business that has satisfied customers, happy kids and a community that understands the value of your service. Not to mention, you can wear shorts and flip-flops to work while you run your own business.