SwimLabs Champions Library

SwimLabs has developed an exclusive library, unique to its franchise, of elite and Olympic swimmers. 

SwimLabs' Champions Library hosts videos of some of the best swimmers in the world, including but not limited to, Missy Franklin, Jason Lezak, Kara Lynn Joyce, Aaron Piersol, Josh Prenot, Jacob Pebley, Chloe Sutton and more. The videos of these athletes include their favorite drills, tools, and of their stroke. At SwimLabs, clients have the opportunity to compare their stroke side-by-side with these athletes. With the assistance of a SwimLabs Certified Instructor, swimmers are able to view multiple angles of the elite athlete's strokes, as well as their own strokes, so they can have a better understanding of the technique that wins gold medals. 

After every lesson at SwimLabs, the swimmer receives an email with the videos from their lesson. The videos include their stroke from the beginning of the appointment to the end, and videos from the Champions Library so they are able to review drills and proper technique and take it to the pool. 

Like any sport, learning to adjust your technique doesn't happen overnight. The SwimLabs Champions Library hosts over 300+ videos, so the opportunities to compare all aspects of every stroke are endless.