Why should I invest in a SwimLabs franchise?

SwimLabs Swim School is the only school that offers a unique swimming training facility designed to use technology and individualized instruction to teach swimmers of all ages – beginners to competitive athletes – the absolute best techniques for water safety and swimming success. That makes a unique business opportunity and a great solution for swimmers of all ages and abilities. It means you can break through the clutter of competition and create a business that is ready to thrive year-round.

What are the most important things I should know about what makes SwimLabs Swim School franchise so unique?

For swimmers of all ages, we use the same video-feedback technology today’s Olympic swimmers use. Swimmer’s can instantly view their own strokes, correct or enhance their form, adjust their technique and master their skills. Plus, our SwimLabs Champions Library is full of unique videos of elite and Olympic athletes, allowing swimmers to see their strokes side-by-side gold medal winning strokes.

Additionally, our warm-water, indoor pools mean instructors stay in one place with complete attention on the swimmer. It also means you can keep a steady stream of business year-round.

Our small class sizes and/or individual lessons provide customized instruction from highly trained SwimLabs staff. Our approach to swimming has been proven time and again to teach new swimmers how to swim, help youth swimmers to excel at their highest level, push master swimmers to go beyond their current times and abilities, and help triathletes conquer the swim portion of competition.

What are the financial requirements, fees and average investment?

  • See financial requirements HERE

What is my earnings potential?

We have a successful revenue model that we will discuss with you after we assess the location of the SwimLabs you would like to open.

Where can I open a SwimLabs?

  • SwimLabs will help you identify profitable geographic locations and real estate opportunities with a market analysis based on current locations demographics.

What type of support will I get from SwimLabs headquarters?

  • Facility Planning:
    SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngWe offer facility planning guidance and will provide information to guide the design and construction of your franchise.

  • Marketing Planning:
    SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngWe provide an initial 90-day Marketing Plan designed to ensure marketing success. Within this plan you will find the Grand Opening planning to ensure the location has a strong opening. We will have scheduled monthly marketing calls to review:
  • SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngMonthly marketing plans
    SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngLocal marketing initiative
    SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngSeasonal campaigns
  • SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngBrand standards
  • SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngDigital marketing
  • SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngSpecial program marketing 

  • Operations Training:
  • SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngWe will help you train your front desk and administrative staff to provide top-rated customer service
  • SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngWe provide swim school instructor training and training videos
  • SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngWe will educate you and train you on the operations and processes of the business

Where is the franchise support center?

We are here to support you, help you and guide you. The swim school franchise support centers are located in Lone Tree, Colorado.