Get to know us.

  • We know it’s important that our personality meshes with yours. After all, we are going to be working together for the success of your new swim school franchise. So here’s some key traits we think you should know about us:
  • SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngWe are warm and friendly, but fiercely serious about water safety.
  • SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngWe are dedicated professionals who are passionate about competing and excelling in the sport          we love.
  • SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngWe are innovative and forward-thinking, using the latest in technology to push our sport forward,        helping make swimmers of all levels more proficient and speeding up the learning curve.
  • SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngWe are hands-on and creative, working collaboratively with those we teach to help them see              and experience how to perfect their swimming mechanics themselves rather than just telling              them what to do from the sidelines.
  • SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngWe know the faster we can get new swimmers swimming and experienced swimmers excelling,        the faster their enthusiasm will grow, and their confidence will build.

Let’s Start the Process Together

Step 1: Getting to Know You

After submitting your information, you’ll receive a call from our Franchise Development Director. During the call, we will have the opportunity to learn more about you while introducing you to the SwimLabs brand.

After speaking with our Franchise Development Director, you will have a chance to review additional material and formulate a list of questions for a secondary conversation.

From there, you will receive the “Decision Making” timeline and “Personal Goals Drive Business Goals” worksheet.

Step 2: Understanding SwimLabs

If you are new to franchising, you’ll have plenty of questions about the process. We are here to help you understand it.

SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngTogether we’ll explore the SwimLabs concept and its unique standing in the Swim School Business
SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngYou will have the opportunity to talk to current SwimLabs owners.

Step 3: Making a Splash

Otherwise known as “marketing.” Our branding experts will help you better understand your target demographic and how to influence them on day one and year after year. We will cover:

SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngBrand strategy
SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngOwning your market
SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngPre-opening, grand opening and post-opening campaigns and tactics
SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngDigital marketing strategy
SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngLeveraging brand partners (Missy Franklin, Speedo, etc)

Step 4: Operating Efficiently

Our operational overview covers:

SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngOngoing franchise training (operations, aquatics, marketing, etc)
SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngField support
SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngFranchisee collaboration
SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngSwimLabs Champions Library

Step 5: Meeting Face to Face

This stage consists of an in-person meeting with one of our Franchise Development Directors. During your visit to one of our facilities, you will meet the operational team behind SwimLabs while getting hands on experience both in our pools and behind the front desk. This visit will allow you to see SwimLabs in action, which will be crucial as you begin to envision your own facility.

Step 6: Opening Your SwimLabs

Together we will review an extensive market analysis of your targeted area and begin to explore targeted sites for your new location. We never stop thinking about prime locations for expansion, and will share all we’ve learned about:

  • SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngReal estate considerations
  • SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngProject coordination and build-out
  • SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngEssential start-up checklists
  • SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngDemographic targets
  • SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngSite selection

Step 7: Saying Yes and Getting Started

It’s time to make your final decision about swimming with us. After reviewing the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), you will have the opportunity to ask us more questions regarding its content. When comfortable with the information provided, you will sign the FDD and become an official member of the SwimLabs family. At this time you will transition to our operational team who, on a daily basis, will assist you with all the steps leading towards your grand opening.