Unique Training Facility

Our Concept Makes Waves

SwimLabs is truly a unique swim school franchise opportunity. Instead of large, multi-lane pools with crowded locker rooms and lots of overhead and upkeep, SwimLabs is compact, smart, strategic, and most importantly – proven. So whether you’ve been looking for a franchise that involves kids, fitness, health, education, coaching or just a pure love of swimming, you’ll find success in the Lab.

We are a unique swimming training facility designed to use technology and individualized instruction to teach swimmers of all ages – beginners to competitive athletes – the absolute best mechanics for water safety and swimming success.

What Makes Us Different

  • SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngOur facilities have constant-current indoor pools and are kept between 85-90 degrees. Warm pools mean happy swimmers, happy parents, and a happy staff.

  • SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngMultiple in-pool cameras and in-pool mirrors are positioned strategically to capture a 360-degree view of the swimmer’s stroke. By helping swimmers see their strokes, both the swimmer and the instructor gain a competitive edge.

  • SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngVideo-analysis software and TV monitors provide instant feedback to swimmers, showing them how they can adjust their stroke to be more efficient and faster in the water. 

  • SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngOur unique Champions Library contains videos of elite swimmers which allows us to show our swimmers their strokes side-by-side with the best in the world. This video library continues to grow as today's swimmers continue to find ways to get faster.

  • SL_Icon_Atom-4.pngAll instruction is done by instructors who are passionate about the sport, have been SwimLabs certified and have years of experience and training.