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Q. How do I enroll in a lesson?

A. You can enroll in Private or Group Lessons by calling (425) 654-0910 and speaking with the SwimLabsNW staff or you can self enroll in Group Lesson by clicking on the Registration menu item and following instructions for self enrollment online.

Q. What are the steps for self-enrolling into a lesson via the website?

  • A. Self-enrollment for private lessons are done via calling (425) 654-0910. Self-enrolling for group lessons is a three step process.

  • Click on Registration link in menu and create an account - Begin with the parent/guardian’s information, and then add children by selecting “add dependent”.

  • Purchase a lesson package to pay for – we offer a variety of group and private lesson packages, select which option works best for you and then select who the lesson package is for.

  • Schedule a lesson - for group lessons: Determine which level your swimmer(s) are at. View our calendar and select any day and time that works for you.  Reminder for scheduling private lessons please call us at (425) 654-0910.

Q. Do I have to start at the beginning of the month (when is the next session)

A. At SwimLabsNW we have a rolling start date so you can start lessons at any point during the month/year.

Q. When I buy a package/pass or plan does that automatically enroll me or my child into the classes?

A. No. The package/plan/pass is like a punch card.  You still need to schedule yourself or child into a class or private with the Front Desk staff or enroll your child online for each independent day you are interested in.

Q. If we bought a package/pass or plan and when myself or my child attends their first class will they be auto-enrolled into that same class at the same time next week?

A. No. Each class will be need to be scheduled individually with the Front Desk staff or by yourself at home using our online registration separate from the package/pass or plan bought.

Q. What is the maximum number of kids allowed in a group lesson?

A: The maximum number of kids allowed in a group lesson is four.  At SwimLabsNW we like to keep the class sizes small to offer a better environment and more attention per kid.

Q. Do you offer semi-private lessons for kids and adults?

A: You can schedule semi-private (2) or three or four person max privates for kids.  We do recommend that you speak with your SwimLabsNW staff prior to setting up those lessons to gauge the varying levels of swimming ability and assign appropriate instructors.  For swimmers aged 12+ we only provide semi-privates do to our pool sizes.

Q. Do you offer refunds or do you offer make-ups for missed classes?

A. Because we need to schedule our instructors well in advance and we have discounts when packages are purchased SwimLabsNW does not offer cash refunds or make-ups for Group passes.  We do, however, offer make-ups with 24 hr notice of cancellation for Private passes, which is the advantage of this pass.  Group lesson and Private lesson no-shows are deducted a visit from your pass.  We do this is to maintain high standards for our weekly classes and our obligation to retain the integrity of the structure in which we teach.

Q. What is your cancellation policy for lessons?

A. SwimLabsNW requires 24-hour notice for Private pass cancellations. There is no make-up for Group pass cancellations.  If you do not provide 24-hour notice of cancellation for a Private pass, a visit will be deducted.

Q. Do we have to be in the same group class the same day of the week?

A. No, you can schedule your lessons on days that are convenient for your family's schedule.  Please just give us 24 hours+ notice for changes to your schedule.  Please note, we encourage you to bring your swimmer to lessons at least once a week to offer consistency in their learning.  Repetition is the best way to help your swimmer learn water safety and swimming fundamentals!

Q. How do I know what group class my child might be best fit in?

A. Your SwimLabs front desk staff ask your about your swimming goals and will gather information from you to assess the swimming ability of your child. Based on that conversation the staff will assign you into the appropriate class. If the classes is not the correct level instructors will work with the frontdesk to level set the child. 

Q. How do I know when my child is ready to advance to the next level?

A. SwimLabsNW has a proven swimming progression methodology that is taught by all of our instructors. Following every class, the instructor will update each swimmers assessment card to document their progress. When all required skills meet the levels objective, the swimmer will be ready to advance to the next level. At that time parents will be notified and the swimmer will receive an achievement card acknowledging the skills accomplished. Ask your front desk staff for your child’s skills card or more details on the progression levels. 

Q. Do I get a discount for multiple children or adults in a private lesson?

A. We do not offer a discount for multiple children or adults.

Q. What’s the difference between group lessons and 4-person private lessons?

A. Group lessons are set up with swimmers that you may not know. The 4-person private lesson is structured so that you can create your own “group”. The benefit of four-person private lessons is that you may request an instructor and pick and choose your days and time. There is no requirement on how many lesson you choose.  The four-person privates require you to find all four kids. The progression is taught the same in both the groups and the four-person privates.  We do ask that you talk with your frontdesk staff prior to booking the four-person private so we can determine the varying levels of swimming skills and assign and appropriate instructor.

Q. Can I do a trial group class?

A. Yes you are welcome to schedule a trial group class. Trial classes are $25.00 and are scheduled based on each location’s current group class schedule and availability of the class you are interested in trying. The $30 registration fee will be charged for any trial lesson.

Q. How does SwimLabsNW define swim?

A: Water is all around us in the Northwest.  We feel it is important to feel very comfortable around water and master the art of swimming.  Thus SwimLabsNW.com strives to obtain a high standard.  We feel it is important to complete our Advanced class or take private lessons equivalent of an Advanced class.  This means the swimmer must learn all four strokes and swim freestyle with side breathing for 3 minutes non-stop.

Q. How long does it take the average child to “Swim” the SwimLabsNW way?

A. Learning skills vary among children as does physical development and preferences.  Additionally, your home environment, parental attitudes and exposure to pools all play factors.  Finally, it also depends on what classes your student starts in.  A swimming student can vary from 6 months to 2 years to complete the Advanced course.

Q. Are these the only pools you have?

A. Yes, we teach in the SwimLabsNW Pools because they are warm-water pools built with benches that go all around the perimeter and have a maximum depth of 3 ½ feet. This means that all of our lessons, whether private or group, take place in a small space with no more than four participants in the lane for group or private classes. Another important feature of our pools is the bar mounted at the front of each pool, directly in the path of the current. The bar creates a stationary position in the pool that we use at every level of our lessons, from beginning students with fears of the water, to our competitive stroke analysis sessions. Like our other technique building tools, the bar allows us to isolate different swimming techniques in a controlled environment. We have created the 100 Stroke Club that we use to benchmark measurement for swimming in a standard 25 yard pool.

Q. I took my child to a 'big pool' and he/she is scared to swim – How can I help them?

A. The first time you take your child to a "big pool", be reasonable with your expectations. The big pool is a new environment that is different from SwimLabsNW – cooler deeper water, a less controlled environment and more things happening can contribute to a lack of motivation for your child to show off their swimming skills. Don’t force them to swim, let them choose – if you’ve seen their swimming at SwimLabsNW, trust that they will show you their strokes when they are ready. Get in the water with them and make sure they have a good time and are comfortable in this new environment – once they are comfortable they will want to show off what they can do.

Q. What do I need to bring to my lesson?

A: Please bring a towel, goggles, cap or hair tie (for swimmers with long hair), and a swimsuit. All of these items are available to purchase at SwimLabsNW. ParentTot swimmers and swimmers who are not potty-trained, are required to wear an approved waterproof diaper.


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