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NOTE: We are running a virtual front desk where all client requests into our email box of westchesterinfo@swimlabs.com are handled same day (or early next day). If you need immediate attention, want to schedule same day or next day swim lessons, or have specific times of the day you would like us to call you back, please indicate in your email.




What we are doing to ensure the safest possible experience

  • One-Way Traffic Flow: Our facility enables for a 1 way traffic flow to enforce strict social distancing.

  • Changing rooms and showers closed

  • Germ Shield Pro: The entire facility has been sprayed with an EPA approved antimicrobial and antibacterial disinfectant treatment called “Germ Shield Pro” which provides a 90 day non-stop continuous protection from germs, bacteria, mold and mildew for surface contamination and has been proven to work on COVID-19. The product is hospital grade, non-toxic, odorless, colorless and a water based solution. The solution provides a long-lasting, positively charged antimicrobial shield which ruptures the germ’s cell membranes on contact. The solution is NSF approved and certified safe for food-contact surfaces. It kills 99.999% of germs, bacteria, viruses including COVID-19, H1N1, MRSA, Norovirus, HIV, Legionella, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Hepatitis A, B, C, Ebola virus, E.coli, Salmonella and listeria. There are no harsh chemicals and it is hypo-allergenic and eco-friendly.

  • Deep Cleaning by Commercial cleaning company: Our facility has been and will continue to be professionally deep cleaned by a commercial cleaning company.

  • Daily Cleaning by commercial cleaning company: Our facility is cleaned daily by a commercial cleaning company

  • Facility closure cleaning breaks: 2 times per day, our facility is closed for 30 minutes to perform a cleaning by our staff.

  • Every 30 minutes between lessons: Every 30 minutes, in between each lesson, we will clean and disinfect all necessary surfaces and items.

  • Facility Ventilation: We will keep exterior and interior doors open as much as possible for fresh air. We are using a high-powered and high-quality DesertAire dehumidification system.


When not to come to the facility

  • Per our online COVID waiver and CDC guidelines, please do not come to the facility if you, the swimmer or any member of your household:
    • Are experiencing any COVID symptoms
    • Have a fever
    • Have been exposed to someone with COVID within the past 14 days and have not been cleared by a medical professional
  • Cancellation policy: Any swimmers who are unable to complete their lesson due to COVID symptoms or exposure will be allowed to make-up their paid missed lesson so long as it is cancelled in advance. We will not be issuing refunds. For cancellations not due to COVID, our policy remains the same (2 make-ups a month if cancelled 24 hours in advance, no refunds).


How your experience inside our facility will work

  • All entrants to the building 2 years and older must wear a face covering. This includes swimmers, though they will remove their face covering when they enter the water.
  • 3-5 Minutes Prior to Lesson start: You will enter the facility, locate the lobby waiting area (standing only) that corresponds to your Pool Number assignment and wait until you are called to the pool area.
  • About 1 minute before lesson start: The staff will call one family at a time into the pool area. You will follow the arrow floor signs and walk to the back of the facility, go up the stairs by the rear pool room entrance and walk to your designated pool.
  • At start of lesson: The swimmer will take their mask, outer clothes, shoes and towel, leave them pool-side (or in a bag with the parent) and will enter the pool at the ladder.
  • During lesson: The parent or guardian will keep their mask on and sit poolside on a stool/chair
  • At end of lesson: The swimmer exits the pool, takes their towel and belongings and follows the one way traffic pattern to the exit. At this time, showers and changing areas are closed.
  • Sanitization stations: Scattered throughout the facility will be sanitization stations which include hand sanitizer, tissues and a garbage barrel. Clients are required to utilize these resources liberally when in the facility and per CDC guidelines.
  • Bathroom availability: 2 onsite bathrooms are available for urgent use. Please do your best to have your children use the restroom before leaving the home.
  • Children not potty trained: Children who are not potty trained will be required to have what we call a “double diaper.” They must have a properly fitting disposable diaper (e.g. little swimmers) underneath a snugly fitting non-disposable diaper on top. We have both options for sale in the facility and no swimmer will be allowed in the water without.
  • Goggle Policy: We will not have a goggle bin available for use if swimmers forget their goggles as there is no sharing of goggles allowed. Please bring your own pair. We have goggles for sale in the event you need a new or backup, quality pair.
  • Swim Caps: Swim Caps are not required, but are strongly encouraged for children with long hair, especially when hair gets stuck in googles and eyes. We have swim caps for sale if needed. Longer hair should be pulled back into a ponytail.
  • Competitive Swim Workout Training: The parent/guardian will check-in their swimmer at the wellness station and will not enter the facility during the workout training. We ask that they wait in the car or socially distance in the parking lot. When you arrive - How the check-in process will work
  • 10 Minutes before your lesson: Please come to the check-in booth/tent outside of the facility.
    • Wellness check: Staff will be taking the temperature and performing a wellness check of each swimmer and entrant into the facility. Only 1 adult is allowed into the facility with their swimmer(s).We ask that whenever possible siblings that will not be swimming remain at home. We prefer only swimmer plus one adult enter. All customers who have a fever of 100.4 or higher will not be allowed to enter.
    • Documentation check: Staff will be confirming that the waiver and payment info was completed
    • Pool Number Assignment: You will be assigned a number from 1 to 4, which corresponds to the private pool that your swim lesson will be in. It is very important to remember this number as this number corresponds to the traffic flow, standing and sitting station areas when in the facility.
    • Bathing suits: All swimmers must arrive in their bathing suit. Swimmers will also be asked to leave in their swimsuits. There will be no changing areas open in our facility. We will have 2 working bathrooms open for emergency use. Please have your children use the bathroom at home just before leaving for lessons.
  • After check-in and up until 5 minutes before lesson start: We ask that you wait in your car or socially distance safely in our parking area.
  • 3-5 Minutes Prior to Lesson start: Come stand in the socially distanced line in front of the entrance door (stairs)
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