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Sugar Land Testimonials Coming Soon!

Testimonials from our other SwimLabs Locations:

"My son has been coming here for a few weeks now and very much enjoys it. It’s a very clean complex and the instructors seems very patient with the kiddos. The small groups are great and allow for some focused attention on teaching the basics. Would highly recommend this place."


"We like the ratio- instructor vs. # students; our daughter is enjoying her class and her teachers have been great. Their instructors all seemed well trained and experienced. We are very satisfied with the look of the place in general; specially important for us is the fact that the space is always very clean and put together in particular the changing rooms and the shower! We definitely recommend this place"


"Very knowledgeable staff. Very professional demeanor during class. All the endless pools have cams. You can see each pod and its individual activities via closed circuit."


"I'm super impressed with this facility. Small class sizes fora very reasonable price Indoors = no sunscreen and no burns Teachers are super friendly and skilled and you can tell they love what they do. I don't how they keep that place SO CLEAN! My kids are super happy here. My son was so afraid of water he didn't even like being in the shower. They have got him saying his ABC''s in under water now, and starting to use a kickboard type thing. My daughter is floating on her back and starting to kick across the pool on her own. They have both been in the 4 day per week swim jam class for 3 weeks."


"I highly recommend this place to teach your kids how to swim! A new, clean facility with great, helpful staff... my girls are enjoying their weekly lessons with their instructor and I am pleased with their progress every class."


Safer, stronger and faster swimmers start in the lab.