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"Swimlabs is a fantastic program for kids. The additional piece of mind I have knowing my 3 kids can swim, and swim well is worth far more than the cost. I expect to have them here for a while as they progress to become even more accomplished swimmers." - Michael M. (Facebook)

"Great facility, great staff. Most importantly they really do an excellent job of teaching children of all ages to swim.

Our son is getting older and more refined in his swimming. He still loves going to Swimlabs! It is great to have them work with the coaches on advanced technique. We've seen a huge difference!" - Becca H. (Facebook)

"We cannot say thank you enough. My daughter was petrified to put her face in the water when we first started. It took a little bit but now she won't get out! She has had some different instructors due to timing issues and all have been equally as wonderful and patient. We are grateful for SwimLabs!" - Megan B. (Facebook)
"Everyone is very patient, fun and professional with my special needs son. He loves coming here and I love that he is safer in the water!" - Adrienne P. (Facebook)
"We have loved SwimLabs for our two girls. The older one started at 3, and is so comfortable and confident in the water. She was recently swimming with a friend who started lessons before her at another facility, and I couldn't even compare the two's abilities. Her strokes are constantly improving. My almost 2 year old loves going every week and can't wait to jump in. Heather has worked so well with both girls! She knows when to push and when to play." - Ashley M. (Facebook)
"Our experience the last year at SwimLabs has been fantastic. Swim Jams were the perfect way to get my (at the time) 3 yr olds over their fear of swim lessons. They have come so far in a year and I couldn't be happier. Everyone at SwimLabs has been great to work with and my boys still love their weekly lessons." - Erin S. (Facebook)
"We use swim labs for all three of our kids and are very happy. The instructors are great with kids and very knowledgeable. Our older kids mostly use Chloe and even though they are excellent swimmers, she's always trying new ideas to fine tune their technique and keep it interesting. We will always use SwimLabs!" - Melissa K. (Facebook)
"Our daughter loves swimming here! She has some special needs with motor planning and has a hard time learning new things. Her teacher, Ms Heather is phenomenal! She has so much patience and does such a great job getting our daughter comfortable. Everyone at Swim Labs is so friendly and helpful. We'll be back again and again and again!" - Stephen M. (Facebook)
"I love it. I was told by a very serious kona IRONMAN qualifier to give it a shot. My stroke went from hardly being able to swim to IRONMAN (2.4miles) with ease. The coaching and staff excellent. They were flexible with payments and schedule. I made many scheduling errors and they accommodated me. I highly recommend them and will go back. I am even thinking about opening a store someday. The technology is awesome. The videos helped me analyze my stroke. They showed examples of Olympic swimmers next to my video. Go to racing underground and look at 2014 sprint triathlon results for June. My name is Matthew Mazzarello. Then go to IRONMAN boulder. The results speak for themselves. I actually can swim 1:30 per 100 for 200 yards and 1:45 ish for 800 to 1000 yards. I can average 2:00 to 2:10 for miles depending on conditions. I sent my video tri coach and he gave me specific drills. They also have me many drills to get more efficient. Bottom line genius idea!" - Matthew M. (Google)


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