Encinitas Swim School
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SL_Icon_Atom-2.pngHow do I sign up for lessons?

  • - Private lessons and Video Stroke Analysis sessions can be booked online or by calling SwimLabs at 760-230-2500.
  • - Group Lessons can be scheduled by calling SwimLabs at 760-230-2500

SL_Icon_Atom-2.pngWhat is your cancellation policy? 


  • - If you cannot make a lesson – you must cancel prior to 24-hours of the lesson
  • - To make-up a cancelled lesson – you must schedule it within 7 days of the cancelled lesson.
  • - If you late cancel within 24-hours of the lesson, you will lose the lesson.
  • - For Auto-Payment Group Lessons 1x week - You are allowed one rescheduled lesson per month
  • - For Auto Payment Group Lessons 2x week - You are allowed two rescheduled group lessons     per month
  • - If group lessons are purchased by a 4-pack – you are allowed one rescheduled lesson per 4-pack of group lessons


  • - If you cannot make a lesson – you must cancel prior to 24-hours of the lesson
  • - If you late cancel within 24-hours of the lesson, you will be charged a $25 late cancellation fee.
  • - You will not lose the lesson – it can be rescheduled

SL_Icon_Atom-2.pngWhat do I need to bring to my lesson?  

  • - Towel, goggles, cap or hair tie, and swim suit. All of these items and more are available for purchase at SwimLabs.


SL_Icon_Atom-2.pngAre these the only pools you have?

  • - Yes, we teach in the constant current SwimLabs Pools because they are the perfect environment for competitive swimmers and triathletes because our coaches have a 360-degree view, including an underwater angle, of each swimmer’s stroke. Like a treadmill for a runner, our pools have a current that allows our swimmers to swim in place, enhancing the effectiveness of the videos captured.  Our SwimLabs Pools are always kept between 86-90 degrees Fahrenheit, increasing the comfort and efficiency of each lesson.


 SL_Icon_Atom-2.pngHow do Auto-Payment contracts work?

  • - An Auto Payment contract allows your child to be enrolled in the same class for an ongoing period of time, guaranteeing a space in the class.
  • - Payments are debited from your account on the first business day of each month – paying for 4 lessons (1x week) or 8 lessons (2x week).
  • - If your credit/debit card is rejected for any reason, there will be a $10 service fee for any rejected cards.
  • - Some months might have 5 weeks and thus you could receive an extra lesson.  You will not be able to make up or reschedule this extra lesson or receive a credit if it is missed (due to                 sickness, early cancellation, a holiday, etc).
  • - If a holiday falls on your scheduled lesson day, it will not be rescheduled.
  • - There is a 3-month minimum commitment to be enrolled in Auto-Payment.
  • - CANCELLING AUTO-PAYMENT CONTRACTS: Your child will be enrolled in Auto-Payment until we receive written notice of withdrawal of the 15th of the prior month.
  • - There are no refunds.


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