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swim safer, stronger and smarter...faster!

Swimming lessons for all ages and abilities.
Learn to swim, competitive swim training, and more!

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Safety-Centric Approach

We believe that stronger swimmers are safer swimmers.

Customized Learning Experience

We offer personalized learning plans based on a child's skill level and learning pace

Qualified & Caring Instructors

Our network of swim instructors are dedicated to nurturing and supporting students’ progress


SwimLabs Swim School

swimming is a life skill™

We believe learning to swim properly and confidently is the key to lifelong water safety.

At SwimLabs, we leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance the learn to swim experience. Our facilities feature warm water and flow pools equipped with instant video feedback and mirrors on the pool floor. This immediate visual feedback allows all swimmers, even the youngest, to quickly learn and practice proper techniques. The result is a safer swimmer with a strong foundation of swim skills that can be built upon as they learn and grow.

Every instructor is SwimLabs Certified™, skilled, and passionate about teaching water safety and swimming skills. Our swim school offers friendly and approachable swim lessons to beginners of all ages.


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Swimming Lessons

At SwimLabs, we provide a fun, innovative way for kids to learn how to swim correctly, safely, and efficiently.

Our kids swimming lessons are perfect for all ages and swimming abilities. Your child will learn essential water safety skills and swim strokes using a tested and proven curriculum.

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Swim Lessons

It’s never too late to learn how to swim! Our adult swim lessons help you gain confidence in the water, learn safety basics, improve swim strokes, and build endurance.

Choose from a variety of adult swimming classes taught by experienced instructors who tailor each lesson to fit your specific needs, challenges, and goals. 

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Our unique indoor training facilities feature state-of-the-art swim tanks, instant video feedback and mirrors at the bottom of every pool. These are the same tools used by Olympic swimmers. When every second counts, swimming lessons at SwimLabs are the best way to gain a competitive edge.


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We are passionate about swimming! Our swim school offers a progressive curriculum and dedicated instructors, providing an ideal setting for swimmers of all ages and abilities to achieve their goals. From mastering basic water safety to training future Olympians, we are here to support you.