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Q. How do I sign up for Group Lessons or Parent Tot Lessons?"

A. Please call (720) 699-0001 to schedule group lessons so we can assure that your swimmer is placed in the appropriate class.

Q. What do I need to bring to my lesson?

A. Please bring a towel, goggles, cap or hair tie (for swimmers with long hair), and a swimsuit. All of these items are available to purchase at SwimLabs. SwimTot swimmers and swimmers who are not potty-trained, are required to wear an approved waterproof diaper.

Q. Do you offer Make-Ups for missed classes?

A. SwimLabs does not offer make-up classes for missed group lessons. Over the years we have found that there are more complaints about the actual make-up class itself than if there were no make-ups at all. In other words, in order to maintain high standards for our weekly classes and our obligation to retain the integrity of the structure in which we teach, we no longer offer make-up classes for missed lessons.

Q. What’s the difference between group lessons and 4-person private lessons?

A. Group lessons are set up with swimmers that you may not know. Groups meet the same time once or twice a week and require a minimum of four weeks. The 4-person private lesson is structured so that you can create your own “group”. The benefit of 4 person private lessons is that you may request an instructor and pick and choose your days and time. There is no requirement on how many lesson you choose. Just remember that 4 person privates require you to find all four kids. The progression is taught the same in both the groups and the 4 person privates.

Q. Can I do a trial group class?

A. Yes you are welcome to schedule a trial group class. Trial classes are $18.25 and are scheduled based on each location’s current group class schedule and availability of the class you are interested in trying.

Q. Are these the only pools you have?

A. Yes, we teach in the SwimLabs Pools because they are warm-water pools built with benches that go all around the perimeter and have a maximum depth of 3 ½ feet. This means that all of our lessons, whether private or group, take place in a small space with no more than four participants in the pool. Another important feature of our pools is the bar mounted at the front of each pool, directly in the path of the current. The bar creates a stationary position in the pool that we use at every level of our lessons, from beginning students with fears of the water, to our competitive stroke analysis sessions. Like our other technique building tools, the bar allows us to isolate different swimming techniques in a controlled environment. We have created the 100 Stroke Club that we use to benchmark measurement for swimming in a standard 25 yard pool.

Q. What is your cancellation policy for Private Lessons?

A. SwimLabs requires 24-hour notice for private lessons cancellations. Group lessons require notice by the 15th of the month prior to stopping lessons.

Q. I took my child to a big pool and he/she is scared to swim – How can I help them?

A. The first time you take your child to a big pool, be reasonable with your expectations. The big pool is a new environment that is different from SwimLabs – cooler deeper water, a less controlled environment and more things happening can contribute to a lack of motivation for your child to show off their swimming skills. Don’t force them to swim, let them choose – if you’ve seen their swimming at SwimLabs, trust that they will show you their strokes when they are ready. Get in the water with them and make sure they have a good time  and are comfortable in this new environment – once they are comfortable they will want to show off what they can do.


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