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LOCAL Partners

Helping Our Community Thrive

SwimLabs Orange County is proud to partner with local businesses and support other small business operators in our local community. We believe that supporting local small business in our community is one of the ways we can help our community thrive.


El Toro High School Aquatics
The El Toro High School Aquatics Boosters Club is a non-profit organization, made up of individuals dedicated to the realization of goals established by student-athletes, coaches, and parents. We are mindful that a successful athletic program depends upon dedicated students, staff, and the community at large. It is our role as a Booster Club to provide additional support for the El Toro High School Aquatics program. This support includes: fundraising, communication, scholarship awards, and to foster all activities that build enthusiasm and spirit for the El Toro athletes. Our ultimate goal is that you, your child, and the fans at large will feel very welcomed poolside going home feeling positive about their visit to El Toro High School. This can only be achieved through your support, whether large or small, in a total team effort.

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FIT4MOM is the nation’s leading prenatal and postnatal fitness program, providing fitness classes and a network of moms to support every stage of motherhood. From pregnancy, through postpartum and beyond, our fitness and wellness programs help make moms strong in body, mind, and spirit.

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Functional Sports Performance
We teach you to say “Yes I can”

NEVER STOP TRAINING: it’s more than a simple motto.
It’s a way of life, an attitude shared by everyone at Functional Sports Performance. Founded by professional coaches, FSP is a sports performance based company focused on achieving results.

Think of all the positive influences that took you beyond what you thought you could achieve. We’re the high school coach that showed you what working harder could accomplish. We are the friends you competed with side-by-side at swim meets, basketball, football, baseball and soccer games. We’re your best friend in college, sharing recovery techniques after a night out or following a brutal round of midterms. We’re the ones in your corner, building your confidence enough to say, “yeah…I’ve got this.”. 


Irving Swim League
The Irvine Swim League’s goal is to provide the organizational structure for a recreational/developmental summer swim league for youth who live in Irvine or attend schools in Irvine with an emphasis on water safety, stroke instruction, and individual improvement. 


Jessie Rees Foundation
OUR MISSION… Help every kid fighting cancer to Never Ever Give Up!
We fulfill our mission by CONNECTING with families, bringing AWARENESS to their stories, offering them a network of helpful RESOURCES and sending the entire family continual doses of ENCOURAGEMENT throughout their journey.


Safer, stronger and faster swimmers start in the lab.

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