Swim Skill Tips: Start Now For Race Performance This Season

Posted on Mar 16, 2018 5:31:24 PM by Melissa Mantak, Elite Swim Coach in summer swim camp, in race, in Swim Team, in Swimming tips from an instructor, in Swim Tips

In my work, teaching and coaching go hand in hand. I teach skills and coach how to apply them over time to reach your goals and dreams. When asked about how to improve open water swim performance in a race, my first question is: are you optimizing your pool time now?

Fitness will only take you so far. By improving your skill, strength, and speed in the pool now, you increase your success on race day. Here are 8 tips to implement in your training:

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SwimLabs Interviews: An ADHD Behavior Specialist

Posted on Mar 2, 2018 5:15:35 PM by Megan Rankin in Health, in children learning, in healthy brain functions

SwimLabs Orange County had an ADHD behavioral specialist come out to speak to our staff a couple weeks ago. We interviewed her afterwards for some additional information! Here are their answers below!

{Disclaimer: The following information is informative and is in no way advice in behavior management therapy, nor in diagnosing. The following are tools and examples that I have learned in my training under the supervisor of a Physician / BCBA.}

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