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Local programs

SwimLabs Swim School has combined with SafeSplash Swim School in one facility to offer a complete array of services. The SafeSplash focus on learn to swim classes complements SwimLabs’ attention to competitive swimmers and triathletes. Between the pool and the tanks, we cover every topic from basic safety to elite racing technique, accommodating swimmers of all ages and abilities. With the combination of SafeSplash and SwimLabs, we take our families from “learn to swim” to “swim to win!”SS-SL_Logo-Vertical


We offer the following services:


  • - Private and Semi-Private Lessons with Video Analysis
    • - All ages and abilities: Summer League, Competitive, and Masters Swimmers,Triathletes
    • - Monthly recurring and drop-in availability
  • - Elite Level Coaches Available
  • - Swim Team Preparation, Training, Conditioning, and Coaching


  • Group Lessons (ParentTot – Advanced 2)
  • - Lessons for Adults Learning to Swim
  • - Learn-to-Swim Private and Semi-Privates 
  • Lessons for Kids/Adults with Special Needs
  • Swim Camps
  • - Birthday Parties


Our curriculum consists of 12 unique teaching levels, and uses a progressive teaching approach that allows for your swimmer to learn to swim comfortably at an individual pace while creating a learning environment that is not only fun, but allows for maximum skill retention. All group swimming lessons take place in our large SafeSplash pool. 

  • ParentTot 1: Parent and child work together to develop the foundational skills crucial for learning to swim and promote safety in the water. (Ages 6-18 months; with parent)
  • ParentTot 2: Parent and child work together to develop the beginning swimming skills crucial for learning strokes and promote safety in the water. (Ages 1.5-3 years; with parent).
  • Toddler Transition 1: Class focuses on fundamental swimming and safety skills while learning how to safely be a part of a group class. Parents may stay poolside for safety purposes to ensure the child is following class rules. (Ages 2-3 years; parent poolside) 
  • Toddler Transition 2:  Class focuses on fundamental swimming and safety skills while learning how to safely be a part of a group class. In this class, swimmers must be completely independent of the parent. (Ages 2-3 years) 
  • Beginner 1: Swimmers learn the basic safety skills, blowing bubbles through the mouth and nose, front and back float, as well as the beginning arm and kicking movements for freestyle. For students with no prior swimming experience, or are scared of the water. (Ages 3+ years)
  • Beginner 2: Swimmers develop basic freestyle and independent backstroke skills, and build on water safety. For beginner swimmers who have had prior swimming experience and are comfortable in the water. (Ages 3+ years)
  • Beginner 3: Swimmers begin to learn freestyle side breathing with assistance, develop backstroke technique, and build on water safety skills. (Ages 3+ years)
  • Intermediate 1: Swimmers learn independent freestyle side breathing, develop backstroke technique, and are introduced to breaststroke beginning with the kick. (Ages - based on swim ability)
  • Intermediate 2: Swimmers continue developing freestyle and backstroke technique and endurance, learn the complete breaststroke by adding arm and breathing skills, and introduced to butterfly beginning with the kick. (Ages - based on swim ability)
  • Intermediate 3: Swimmers will accomplish learning butterfly by adding the arm pattern, proper timing and breath control, and continue to refine technique and build endurance for all four strokes. (Ages - based on swim ability)
  • Advanced 1: Swimmers focus on improving technique and gaining endurance and develop competition skills such as starts, turns, and streamlining. (Ages - based on swim ability)
  • Advanced 2: Swimmers focus on improving endurance and refining race techniques including breakouts, finishes, and IM turns. (Ages - based on swim ability)


At SafeSplash + SwimLabs we offer private and semi-private lessons for all ages. Our Learn-to-Swim private and semi-private swimming lessons are structured to advance through the curriculum at an accelerated rate based on your swimming level.  We use all the tools, teaching techniques, and swimming aids to create the perfect one-on-one or two-on-one learning environment in our SafeSplash pool.

  • Learn-to-Swim Private Lessons: Lessons are available through SafeSplash for all ages 
  • Learn-to-Swim Semi-Private Lessons: Lessons are available through SafeSplash for all ages

Learn more about our video analysis lessons that are taught in the SwimLabs tanks:

Competitive swimmers


SafeSplash + SwimLabs maintains a staff of certified instructors with explicit training and experience in working with students with special needs of all ages. Prior to starting lessons, we meet with the family and assess the goals of each student. With the goals and the capabilities of the student in mind, we develop a customized teaching plan based on the elements of the curriculum that apply. 

If you are interested in hearing more about our special needs program or the specific skills of the instructors we have available to teach these classes, please email us or call our service center at (614) 642-4233


Swim camps are perfect for students looking for a shorter, more intensive learning program. These lessons are taught in the SafeSplash poolBeyond our weekly lesson programs, SafeSplash Swim Camps offer our customers another way to learn to swim.  Camps offer a more intensive learning program condensed to typically a one or two week period.  

Current camps being offered are as follows:

  • Coming Soon!


It's never too late to learn how to swim or to perfect your swimming skills! From beginner to advanced we have a class option that will fit you. 

Our curriculum for adult classes is tailored after the same skill progression taught in all of our classes, but the language used and pace is tailored to adults. We introduce all skills to our beginner swimmers in private, semi-private, or group lessons.  


Safer, stronger and faster swimmers start in the lab.