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Swimming Lessons
at SwimLabs

Our unique facility creates the perfect environment for new swimmers and competitive swimmers to swim safer, stronger and smarter...faster!

Swimming Lessons at SwimLabs

We know and love swimming! Our swim school, progressive curriculum and passionate instructors create the perfect environment for people of all ages and abilities to achieve their goals! Whether it be learning the basics of water safety to Olympic hopefuls, we can help!

Our Swim Facility

At SwimLabs, we use innovative technology including warm water, flow pools with instant video feedback and mirrors on the bottom of each pool. Instant video feedback helps even the youngest of swimmers learn the correct technique, apply what they learn instantly, and quickly gain the skills they need to be safer in the water. Our pools help children discover confidence and joy in the water without the fears and distractions that can come with large, crowded swim classes. Our technology lets swimmers of all ages and abilities instantly view their own strokes, correct or enhance their form, adjust their technique, and master their skills

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum uses a progressive teaching approach that allows for your swimmer to learn to swim comfortably at an individual pace while creating a learning environment that is not only fun, but allows for maximum skill retention. Developed by a team of world-class swimmers with over 30 years of teaching experience, our swim lesson curriculum has the most up-to-date swimming technique to teach students how to swim the correct way right from the beginning! In addition to teaching water safety to every swimmer, our goal is to teach confidence in the water that will translate to all parts of your swimmer's life. 

Our Passion

At SwimLabs, we are fiercely passionate about swimming. Our approach has been proven time and again to get new swimmers comfortable and confident in the water and to help competitive swimmers excel at their highest level. All lessons at SwimLabs are taught with an abundance of fun, a feeling of family, and an absence of fear.

Our Dedication

We believe the best route to water safety in young or new swimmers is not just learning to swim but to swim correctly, efficiently and confidently. And, we know that even the slightest adjustment to a competitive swimmer’s technique can mean giving them the edge they need to excel. Our approach to swimming has been proven time and again to teach new swimmers, help youth swimmers to excel at their highest level, push master swimmers to go beyond their current times and abilities, and help triathletes conquer the swim portion of the competition in personal best times. We are here to get everyone swimming safer, stronger, and faster...faster!





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Jeff W.

“It's so useful to see video of your actual swimming and then immediately see video examples of ideal technique.”

Abigail. B.

“All three of my kids made huge improvements on their techniques and loved every minute of lessons with the fun teachers!”

Connie G.

“We have really seen improvement in my son's swimming technique and his overall enjoyment of swimming since we started SwimLabs.”
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