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Swimtastic + SwimLabs Kenosha Testimonials Coming Soon!

Please read testimonials from our other SwimLabs locations:

"We loved our session with SwimLabs! The personalized training with the videos improved my daughter’s stroke immediately. We are shocked at the improvement!" - SwimLabs Boulder Client


"Detailed swim techniques that are essential to young competitive swimmers. All viewable with video of the swimmer underwater, complete with personal tips and instruction. Highly Reccomended!" - SwimLabs Orange County Client


"Experience is a good word. As an older age grouper new to the sport of swimming for triathlons, I wasn't sure if lessons would really help. My first concern was to learn to kick. Prior to lessons when I kicked I stayed in one place or on some occasions went in reverse. Denny ( I hope that is how he spells his name) solved that on the first lesson. While frustrating I was able to complete one 25 meter kick with the board during my next swim workout. I practice the kicking technique Denny taught during every swim workout.  I now have an ever improving stroke, side to side rotation , and breathing technique." - SwimLabs Sandy Client


"My VERY reluctant swimmer felt comfortable in the small pools with the small classes. This is the first swim lesson where my daughter didn’t cry at all." - SwimLabs Westchester Client


"My child enjoyed the swim labs experience. The technology and instant feedback on stroke correction was something coaches can't always do in daily practice. The mirrored pool helped see exactly where the corrections were needed. I would recommend swim labs . The staff was also very knowledge, friendly and professional." - SwimLabs El Dorado Hills Client


Safer, stronger and faster swimmers start in the lab.