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Tuesday, July 31, 2018 by SwimLabs

Missy Franklin Gives Heartfelt Interview After U.S. Nationals Swim Meet

SwimSwam interviews an emotional Missy Franklin still determined and focused on Tokyo 2020!

As a 5-time Olympic gold medalist who has broken multiple world records during her swimming career, Missy Franklin has had to face the pressure and expectations that go along with being one of the sport's swimming superstars. It was also her first time swimming in a U.S. meet since 2016. She trained and swam hard but finished at a disappointing 17th and 19th place in the 100 (55.33) and 200 free (1:59.25). In an interview after her races, Missy showed she was not going to let this performance deter her from higher aspirations and displayed a warrior's spirit and an inspiring level of professionalism even through a sometimes shaky voice.

After swimming both the 100 (55.33) and 200 free (1:59.25), where she placed 17th and 19th, Missy Franklin has completed her event schedule for the week in Irvine. This was Missy’s first meet back on US soil since 2016 Olympic Trials.

- SwimSwam.com

We are truly inspired by Missy's drive and determination. It's really easy to feel taken aback when something you've worked so hard for falls just short. As athletes, and even in our daily lives, Missy's words are ones we should remember to live by: "I have to be really careful to not compare myself then, and to not get discouraged where I am now. In that sense, it's easier to see the bigger picture because I know I've got time."

We're so proud of you Missy!


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