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At SwimLabs Encinitas the safety of our swimmers, families and team members is our highest priority. We have expanded our safety protocols to follow the latest health and safety guidelines. 

Current Lesson Format Options For Learn-to-Swim:

We have restructured our Learn-to-Swim lesson format to meet the State of California's recommended business guidelines for safe re-opening. 
Our new Learn-to-Swim Lesson Options Include:
  • Group Lessons - AutoPay Enrollment
    • 30 min. lesson: $101/month ($25.25/lesson)
    • Up to 4 swimmers in the lesson
  • Semi-Private Lesson - AutoPay Enrollment
    • 30 min. lesson: $133/month ($33.25/lesson; Same household swimmers only
  • 3Person Private Lesson - AutoPay Enrollment
    • 30 min. lesson: $116/month ($29/lesson; Same household swimmers only)

Competitive Training Options for Triathletes, Competitive Swimmers, Age-Group Swim Team Members, Masters Swimmers, Water Polo Players:

  • Video Stroke Analysis Session - $95.00/Session
  • Competitive Private Lessons - $77.50 for a single lesson; $260/month on Auto Pay Enrollment (4 lessons)
  • Training-No Coach Swim Session - $25 for 30 minute solo swim session


Q: What about the lessons that we paid for through our March Auto-Payment but we did not use?
A: We have reviewed each swimmer’s profile and have made notations regarding how many Group or Private lessons each swimmer paid for with March Auto-Payment but did not take in March, 2020.
    • Until July 1, for each March Group Lesson that was paid for but not taken, the swimmer can reschedule with either one 20-minute Private Lesson or one 20-minute Semi-Private Lesson (with a same-household swimmer) - this lesson format is only offered until the end of June, 2020.
    • Starting July 1, 2020, the swimmer can reschedule into any available Group Lesson spot on our schedule.
    • There are no time restrictions for when these lessons can be rescheduled.
    • There are no rescheduling fees.
  • PRIVATE LESSONS: For each PRIVATE LESSON paid for but not taken, these swimmers can reschedule each private lesson at any time, with no time restriction for when the reschedule takes place and no fees for the reschedule of those lessons
Q: What about your “Jr. Guard Prep Program”? Since all Jr. Guard programs have been cancelled, what do I do with the "Jr. Guard Prep Lessons" I purchased for my child?
A: We are sorry to see that all Jr. Guard programs have been cancelled for the summer of 2020. We are happy to offer the following for any Jr. Guard Prep lessons purchased:
  • Apply the funds paid for these lessons to go towards any of our learn-to-swim lesson offerings - giving your child a refresher or fine-tune on their swimming and water safety skills.
  • Refund the amount paid back to your credit card.
Q: I am new to SwimLabs and want to understand all that you are offering right now as you re-open.
A: We are offering all of our regular SwimLabs services EXCEPT for Group Learn to Swim lessons. To summarize, we will be offering:
  • Learn to Swim Lessons for Babies, Tots and Children
    • Private Lessons, Semi-Private, 3person Private Lessons
    • Group Swim Lessons (up to 4 swimmers)
  • Video Stroke Analysis Sessions – For Triathletes, Competitive Age-Group Swimmers, Masters Swimmers, Water Polo players, etc.
  • Competitive Private Lessons also for Triathletes, Competitive Age-Group Swimmers, Masters Swimmers, Water Polo players, etc
  • “Training No Coach” swim sessions also for Triathletes, Competitive Age-Group Swimmers, Masters Swimmers, Water Polo players, etc
Q: I am ready to swim and sign up! How do I book lessons?
A: Please call or text us directly at 760-230-2500 or email to info@swimlabsencinitas.com. We will be readily available to answer any questions you may have and get you into our pools!



Social distancing during swimming: 

  • Limited families in our swim facility
  • Each swim family can only attend with ONE parent
  • Viewing areas with strategic, distanced seating
  • Designated one-way traffic patterns
  • Changing rooms are closed – showers available for quick rinse
  • Masks required for team members and customers

Wellness policy for team members and customers:  

  • Temperature scans for team members and customers upon arriving
  • If you are ill, please stay home and get well
  • If you have been exposed to COVID-19, please abide by the CDC recommended 14-day quarantine

Our enhanced cleaning efforts include:

  • Disinfecting all surfaces multiple times per day
  • Nightly deep cleaning
  • Hand sanitizer at various stations in our facility
  • Removal of all toys from the viewing areas

Chlorine Clean Pools:

  • Well-balanced, chlorinated water to kill bacteria and viruses
  • Clear Comfort supplemental water sanitation system to disinfect pools



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