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Monday, April 18, 2022 by Sally Chaffin Brooks

10 Reasons Your Child Should Join a Swim Team This Spring

As a parent, you are cautious of over-scheduling your child (and yourself). Any activity you commit to, you want to make sure is adding value to your kid’s life in some way– Are they having fun? Are they learning something? Are they growing from the experience? 

It’s hard to know what is going to be a good fit before you try it, but if your child has asked to join a swim team, that is an activity you can say yes to without hesitation. Wondering why swimming is a universal yes for parents? Check out these 10 benefits of swim teams for kids. 

Joining a Swim Team Increases Water Safety

You probably already view swimming lessons for kids as an investment in your child’s well-being. When it comes to water safety, in answer to the question “when to start swim lessons,” the American Academy of Pediatrics found benefits for children as young as one. The AAP found that children between 4-6 years old are developmentally ready to learn to swim. After learning the fundamentals in swim lessons, being part of a swim team will turn hesitant newbies into confident, safe swimmers.

Swim Team is for Kids of All Abilities

Unlike many team sports, the difference in ability is not a factor on a swim team. Whether your kid is just learning to swim or the next Katie Ledecky, there is a chance for every child to shine on a swim team. 

Swimming is Good for Your Child’s Mental Health

Studies show that regular exercise decreases stress and anxiety. On top of that benefit, the rhythmic breathing involved in swimming laps can jump-start the part of the nervous system that controls rest and relaxation. Who couldn’t use a more zen kid?

Swimming Enhances Brain Function

Of course, it makes sense that swimming builds muscles and endurance, but a study from Griffith University of more than 10,000 kids showed that swimmers were more advanced academically than their peers. Research finds that regular exercise changes the brain to improve memory and thinking skills.

Swim Team Members are More Confident

When young swimmers improve their skills in the pool, that confidence translates to other areas of their lives. The Griffith University study found that swimmers tended to be more confident than other children their same age. 

Swim Teams Teach Teamwork

Swim teams combine the best aspects of both individual and team sports. So while many of the goals that are set are individual, children on swim teams also learn the value of teamwork. Swimmers rely on their team for encouragement, motivation, and community. Learning to both give and receive support from teammates is an important life lesson for any child. 

Swimming Teaches Self-motivation

On the flip side; swimmers’ results are their own. The first thing any swim coach will do is evaluate a swimmer and help them set goals for improvement. And unlike in other team sports, reaching those goals is in the control of the individual. Working hard and improving as part of a swim team will help your child self-motivate to reach goals in other parts of their lives. 

Competitive Swimming Improves Concentration in Kids

In a world full of distractions, swimming is an activity that can actually improve your child’s focus. A 2017 study of adolescent competitive swimmers found many short and long-term cognitive benefits, including increased concentration levels. 

Swimming Helps Kids Sleep Better

Anything that will give your child (and you) a better night’s sleep is worth doing, right?

Swimming is a Low-impact Sport

Swimming is a low-impact sport, meaning that you can sleep tight at night knowing that your child is not doing any long-term damage to their joints. Swimming is a sport that kids can carry on through adulthood.

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Increased water safety, fun for all abilities, better mental health, increased cognitive ability, enhanced confidence, learning teamwork, increased self-motivation, better concentration, more sleep, and low impact are just some of the benefits your child could see as part of a swim team. With all the benefits that joining a swim team could bring for your child, this is one activity that you can happily add to your schedule.


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