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Monday, July 02, 2018 by Dorian Capers

Mike Mann Mondays: A Day in the Life of a Swim School Owner

In this segment, we ask Master's Swimmer, World Record Holder, and humble SwimLabs Co-Founder, Mike Mann his insights on the sport and swimming news happening around the world!

This Week's Question:

What's a day in the life of a swim school owner like?


Mike Mann, Master's Swimmer, World Record Holder, and SwimLabs Co-Founder

What does it feel like to be a swim school owner? You have to realize we did not have another school to copy when we opened SwimLabs; it was conceptualized after a trip to the Olympic training center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. So, my level of gratitude for all of the support we have found in the community is profound. That being said, as an owner, teaching kids swimming skills is over-the-top in personal satisfaction. Helping competitive swimmers understand how stroke technique can make them more competitive is extremely rewarding. All in all, the best conversations I have on a daily basis are with the parents when they are thrilled their children are learning a skill that both the parents and child can be proud of.

Just Another Day in the Life of a Swim School Owner -

Open the Location

Scanning the parking lot for dropped socks, water bottles, swimsuits, diapers or anything else that a mother totes to the school



Check the Pools
Making sure the pool chemicals are perfect and the pools are warm



Double Check Client List
Scanning the list of clients to make sure they are all set with the right instructor, make sure all the instructors show up ready to teach



I Have My Swimsuit On at All Times
Just in case an instructor no-shows or we have a crier (that is not sure what this swimming stuff is all about) and they need special care

Learn About SwimLabs Kids Lessons!


Visit with Parents
Reassuring them that their child is a fast learner and the skills we are teaching are hard to accomplish


Better Swimmers Start in the Lab!


Enjoying the Eureka Moment
When the 4 yr old realizes they can swim all by themselves - chokes you up and brings a tear to your eyes



Community Outreach
Work on the next outside event to tell the community about our school


Champions Clinics with Olympic Athletes


Finish the Day with Gratitude
Finish out the day thanking the instructors for the great job they did with the new kids



Closing the Location
Survey the parking lot for dropped socks, water bottles, swimsuits, diapers or anything else that a mother totes to the school. 


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It is humbling to be accepted into the community you love and to be able to give back to that community doing what you love. SwimLabs helps our swimmers be safer, compete smarter, feel confident, and enjoy a life-long love of the sport - I am so proud to be a part of that.