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Monday, May 23, 2022 by Steven Auger

Five Ways Getting in the Water Will Benefit Your Family this Spring

Each year, the same hints signify the arrival of winter’s end. The last remnants of snowmelt as the days lengthen minute by minute. The mercury rises and the sun shines brighter.

Spring’s onset makes more and more folks plan their summer excursions. And what says summer weather more than swimming? There are plenty of health benefits of swimming besides being a fun water activity. This is especially true for kids!

Life Safety Skills

Even the best parents lose sight of their children around the water. Your child can drown in just those few moments that you look away to tend to another child or think about preparing lunch. 

Teaching your child to swim can potentially save their life. Younger children, especially those aged 1-4, are more susceptible to drowning. Starting swimming lessons at a young age reduces that risk. Parents can take those classes too so that they learn water safety techniques.

Swimming as a Workout

Not all workouts involve lifting weights or working up a sweat on a cardio machine. Swimming is an excellent workout that provides plenty of health benefits. So, what does swimming do to your body? Plenty!

  • You need to move your entire body to swim against water. Water provides resistance in this case as opposed to weights in a gym workout.
  • Reduces stress impact on the body. Your joints don't endure the impact that results from running.
  • You improve your cardiovascular fitness and endurance levels by keeping your heart rate up.
  • Swimming helps you build muscle and improve your strength.
  • You maintain a healthy weight while keeping your heart and lungs healthy.
  • Swimming provides a full-body workout since it incorporates so many muscles.

Swimming and Socialization Skills

Learning social skills is critical to children. They learn listening skills, recognize social cues, and understand different perspectives by socializing with other kids. 

Swimming is a way kids engage with their peers outside of school’s structured environment. Your child probably has a core group of friends. Maybe they only see them at school. Perhaps they have a handful of friends who live in the same neighborhood? Regardless, regular swimming is another way kids can develop friendships. 

Swimming and Mental Health

Kids certainly feel stress. Sure, they might not have the same stressors as mom and dad – like paying the mortgage and job security. But kids definitely feel peer pressure in school. They are under pressure in the classroom and socially to fit in.

So mental health is super important for kids. The health benefits of swimming apply to everyone – but they are especially beneficial to kids. 

Swimming can reduce anxiety, improve your mood, and help ward off depression. That is particularly important for children. Kids might not comprehend what anxiety or depression is, depending on their age.

Regular swimming can also improve sleep patterns. Any parent knows how important a solid night of zzzzz is for kids. 

Swimming can also lower stress levels. That’s beneficial to children if they’re struggling academically or socially.

Swimming and the Immune System

There are more benefits of swimming laps than improving your fitness. Swimming also boosts your immune system.

Boosts White Blood Cell Count

Coldwater swimming boosts the body’s white blood cell count. Those white blood cells play a role in helping your body fight off infections.

Releases Endorphins

Swimming, just like any exercise form, releases endorphins. Endorphins lower stress while boosting your immune system. And swimming in cold water releases endorphins faster than swimming in warm water.

Improves Circulation

Swimming gets your blood flowing. Blood transports oxygen and nutrients to cells throughout the body. Improved circulation also helps remove waste from the body.

Contact your local SafeSplash Swim School to book some swimming lessons for your child or for you before planning your next summertime water getaway. The benefits of swimming for kids are immeasurable!