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Friday, April 22, 2022 by Amy Boyington

How to Get Your Kids Involved in Earth Day Activities

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd each year as a way to bring awareness to the importance of taking care of our planet. It's especially important to get kids involved in this holiday to teach them that their ways of helping can make a real difference. Once they learn why taking care of the Earth is a must — and how great it feels to do it — they'll become likelier to keep it up all year-'round.

6 Fun Earth Day Activities for Kids

Earth Day activities can get kids excited to play a part in making the Earth healthier and happier for their future and for the generations that come after them. Here are a few ideas to spark their interest and help the Earth at the same time.

Make a Butterfly Garden

Butterflies are some of Earth's best pollinators, and they naturally keep some pests away. Plus, they're beautiful to look at! Attract butterflies to your yard to make it a little more Earth-friendly. 

Start by choosing a sunny area. Add rocks, butterfly-friendly plants, and some wet soil. Consider making a trip to the library with your kiddo to research the best plants for butterflies to add to your new garden.

Make Stuff with Recyclables

Turn trash into treasure! Instead of just teaching your child the importance of recycling and how to do it, show them that there are lots of ways to turn recyclables into something beautiful or functional. 

For instance, aluminum cans become homemade wind chimes when you paint or decorate them and hang them from strings. You can also turn plastic soda bottles into planters for flowers or herbs or use jars as storage containers for an office, kitchen, or bathroom.

Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt

Write down several items you want your child to search for on a nature scavenger hunt. Add some things they might not have seen out in nature before, like a groundhog hole, a plant seedling, or a bird egg. Each time they find something, they can check it off their list — but make sure they know not to disturb the treasures they find! 

This is a great way to invite your youngster to learn more about the incredible things Earth provides to plants, creatures, and people. 

Explore Earth's Treasures Virtually

There are so many awe-inspiring places on Earth to visit, but we can't physically explore all of them. Instead, take your child on a virtual trip around the world!

Your kiddo can even tour a recycling center from their computer or tablet.

Make an Earth Day Poster to Share with the Neighborhood

Have your child design a poster about the Earth. It might be a collage of some of Earth's coolest gifts, like oceans and trees, or it could be a poster that encourages people to recycle. Then, ask your local library or a nearby business if they'd be interested in hanging up your child's poster for the neighborhood to enjoy (and, hopefully, learn something from!).

Plant Something

Adding new plants to the Earth — whether that's flowers, trees, or vegetables — is a great way to help the planet and other living things. Start a small garden in your yard, plant a few indoor plants, or participate in a community garden to keep your little corner of the Earth thriving.

Plan Earth Day Activities They'll Get Excited About!

The activities above go far past giving your child an Earth Day quiz on April 22nd. Instead, they give them hands-on ways to learn more about everything the Earth provides and how they can protect it in the future. What other Earth Day activities can you and your kids do together? Leave a comment to share your ideas with others.


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