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Monday, June 27, 2022 by Amy Boyington

Why You Should Sign Up For Adult Swim Lessons

Swim lessons aren't just for kids! Adult swimming lessons can be helpful for adults to learn everything from the foundations of swimming to more complex techniques that can keep them safe and active in the water. 

6 Benefits of Adult Swim Lessons

Adult swim lessons have more benefits than you might realize. Here are a few:

1. Swimming is an Excellent Form of Exercise

First off, swimming is one of the best full-body exercises there is. If you're looking for a way to stay active that's also fun, swimming is it. According to the Better Health Channel, it builds endurance, gets your heart rate up, improves flexibility, and strengthens and tones muscles. Participating in adult swim lessons can teach you proper swimming techniques to help you get the most from it while helping you avoid injuries. 

2. It's Also Great for Mental Health

Swimming doesn't just impact your physical health; it can also improve your mental health. Research shows that exercises like swimming boost feel-good hormones in your body, promote brain cell stimulation, and help relieve stress and tension. Additionally, taking adult swimming lessons as a group could provide the social interaction you need for mental well-being. 

3. Lessons Can Build Your Confidence

It's a fallacy that most adults know how to swim. In fact, the American Red Cross found that more than half of Americans either are unable to swim or do not have basic swimming skills. If you've been avoiding the water because you're embarrassed about your lack of swimming skills, you aren't alone. You can always start with private adult swimming lessons to build basic skills and the confidence you need to feel like a pro in the water.

4. They Make Swimming Safer

Safety in the water is crucial for people of any age. Even if you know the basics of swimming, it's still a good idea to gain skills and practice what you've learned. A qualified swimming instructor can help you learn the proper techniques to keep yourself and others safe, like conserving energy in emergency situations.

5. They Meet You Where You Are

Just like swimming lessons for kids, adult swim lessons start at different levels. Therefore, you can start out exactly where you need to be, whether you want to learn the fundamental basics of swimming or are ready for more advanced techniques. At SwimLabs, we offer the following adult classes:

  • Beginner: Designed for ages 16 and up, these lessons start with the absolute basics for adults with little to no prior swim experience.
  • Intermediate: These lessons teach slightly more advanced swimming techniques, like the backstroke and freestyle side breathing.
  • Advanced: Our advanced classes target endurance building and improving your already learned techniques. 

6. You Get Personalized Instruction 

Swimming lessons for adults can be private, semi-private, or in a group setting. At SwimLabs, we keep group lessons small so that you still get plenty of one-on-one instruction customized to your learning needs. If you'd rather with alone with your instructor, choose weekly private swimming lessons. 

Consider Group, Semi-Private, or Private Adult Swimming Lessons

Tired of looking for adult swimming lessons near me? Try Swimlabs Swim School's adult swimming lessons. You'll get personalized instruction for your skill level with our group, semi-private, or private adult swimming lessons to help you feel more comfortable and confident in the water.